Welcome to Counselling in Guildford

Perhaps you are feeling confused, isolated, alone, unable to cope, or worried about a situation or feelings that you are having?

You might be feeling unsure of what to do, but perhaps talking will help?

Or, you could be someone who knows you'd like to make a change, but are unsure of where to start?

You could be someone who has undertaken counselling before and is looking for another counsellor to work with this time round?

I offer a Humanistic counselling service in Burpham, Guildford, Surrey- specialising in grief/bereavement; trauma and addiction therapy. However, I have a very wide experience; visit my Skills page for all the issues I have worked with.

You can attend your counselling session in a comfortable, private room at my home in Burpham; Monday to Thursday daytime or evening. Or, you could choose to have telephone or Skype counselling

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Counselling can help a lot of people:

You need a bit of extra help to solve a problem or make changes in your life.

You feel it could be useful to get someone's perspective on things who is objective, understanding and who will not judge you, someone who isn't a family member or close friend.

You want some space and time to explore your feelings, make some sense of them in a way you haven't before.

I am committed and passionate to offer you just that; to understand you and your experience of life and help you find the solution that best suits you.

Counselling may not suit everyone, but most people benefit from having time and space to reflect on their life and what they want to change.


  • From 'L, Godalming'

    I have been working with Sara for over 2 years and in that time I have been able to completely change my life's course and most importantly learn that I am worthy and deserving of love. Sara is clearly an exceptional counsellor however, over the years I have realised she truly is a 'one in a million' find as she has allowed me to find my true self through her consistent, unerring belief in me and her truly amazing ability to shine a light on what is beneath my addictions/maladaptive behaviours. I cannot recommend Sara's services enough. In the beginning, she afforded me the only safe space I felt I had and I leaned on her sessions to get me through life. Nowadays I am able to live freely and independently and this is truly a remarkable feat as I had always previously looked to others to tell me what to do. I know Sara will always be there but I think her brilliance is the fact that she has enabled me to not need her. I am so very grateful and thankful I was able to use Sara's counselling service. It has enabled me to live again and finally thrive.

    From 'S, Surrey'

    ...Work was awful and I needed some space to help me work through what I wanted from the next few years and what was holding me back.

    I did not want to ‘lie on a couch and talk about my childhood’ for hours on end which is how I envisaged counselling and Sara is the antipathy of that. She is warm, listens, remembers, challenges and works with you for you.

    I went in to the sessions to solve one problem but through her use of questions and some creative methods I now view myself in a more positive and uplifting way. I now understand why I do certain things or react in a certain way and the learning was so impactful I think about it daily. I enjoyed the sessions immensely and have personally recommended Sara already to two people.

  • From 'A, Guildford'

    My sessions with Sara helped me explore and process the most difficult time of my life, in the safest and most supportive space imaginable. I am indebted to Sara for her expertise, warmth and professionalism and am so grateful to be now free from the PTSD symptoms I had been suffering on a daily basis .

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